Intuitive Psychotherapy

Steer it, life’s happening anyway.

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Spirit | Soul | Mind | Body

Our therapeutic time together allows you to see the more of you that you yearn to see. It’s all there all the time—the light, the dark, the alive, and the dying. We listen, we look, we hear, we follow; using intuition as part of our process is a given.

One way or another, you are a trail blazer in your own life.

The courage required of you to forge your own new path is as heroic as any “famous” explorer’s courage who discovered a new piece of our material world. Your soul’s development is needed, especially now. Your contribution to our world, from the courage you find to live according to your embodied set of Spiritual values, is invaluable not only to yourself but to our collective soul. If I continue to find the courage to forge ahead against many odds, and still preserve my love of self and others, I know you can, too.

On these pages, you will learn about some of the venues in which I have invested my love, sweat, tears, joys, and very hard work. What drives all of my personal and professional commitments is my allegiance to the divine preciousness of each individual soul. It is my desire and active intention to foster kindness, compassion, inspiration, and unfailing loyalty to each individual’s and/or organization’s Spiritually aligned growth and development.

My work has always been, and remains, directed toward tipping our collective soul’s consciousness to a more wisdom-filled, loving one: one that is able to leap tall acts of violence with a single powerful sound. I can help you if you need support uncovering your personal powers to achieve, what I know you know, are your highest goals.

Also, watch for my new book, Dying To Live: Love Stories, It is a memoir in which I delineate what is required of each of us to help tip our collective societal slant from a materialistic, selfish reality toward a more loving one. I mean Love in its grandest sense. It has begun, join the march with your life.

So you get a feel of what underlies my work with each soul, here is a dot from the Preface of my new book:

This entire book is a joyous love story. Love, as the real triumph of good, seems to have become lost as the underpinning of our individual and collective lives, and this loss is killing us. So I got to thinking, where did love—real, deep, rich, compassionate love—get lost for us? How has it gotten lost for me? What is it anyway? How do we get it back? And how do we hold it steady as we make our daily choices for good or evil?

I have been searching and fighting for love my whole life, fighting not just for myself, but for others too. Love, the gift that keeps on giving, comes cloaked in good or evil costumes; I love sharing what I know about those lures.

—Jaqueline H Becker, Ph.D.

Steer it, life’s happening anyway.

For information regarding your Therapeutic or Executive Coaching needs, please email Dr. Becker at

You Might Ask:

  • How far can I go to make my dreams come true?
  • What do I need to do to feel better?
  • What do I need to do to enhance my already pretty good life?
  • How will I survive after losing my best friend, my partner, my money, my job, my mobility, my … etc.?

How I Help You Discover Your Answers:

  • Listen to what your entire being is trying to tell me– your thoughts, your feelings, your physical reality, your soul.
  • Listen to you on levels that reach into Spirit Consciousness for information that might help you.
  • Help you transform energy that is blocking you from your soul’s progression.
  • Not judge your reality whatever it happens to be.
  • Guide you away from destructive people, ideas, and activities.
  • Walk with you as you embark on your explorations of self-discovery.
  • Help you to discover the positive and negative aspects of boundary setting.
  • Help you discover that the world of matter is your soul’s playpen, workshop, comfort and challenge– to use for your progressive developments.
  • Help you to resurrect yourself after you’ve fallen low.
  • Help you as you learn to accept that the darker side of life can be your greatest teacher.
  • Celebrate you when you have, or have not, realized a goals.
  • Celebrate life.

Types of Services Offered

First, we chat to see if we are meant to work together. We both must agree—we’ll know. There is no charge for the chat which will be anywhere from 15 minutes to ½ hr. via phone or Zoom.

It’s you I treat. Your cloak of symptoms directs our attention to where your energy is stuck. That blocked energy is what I help you to TRANSFORM; its release is a piece of your new freedom.

I tailor the specific approach to each person. I am flexible about switching approaches should it be dictated by your needs of a moment.

Menu of Methods

Diversity is a reality; all are welcome. Of course-LBGTQ2+ friendly.

  • Individual Therapy—Adults
  • Individual Therapy—Children
  • Individual Therapy—Young Adults
  • Couples Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Pre-marriage Counseling
  • Divorce and Separation Counseling
  • Reconciliation Counseling
  • Grief Counseling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Reinforcement for your Spiritual Connection
  • Dream work
  • Use of Journal writing
  • Use of Relaxation techniques for focusing
  • Use of CBT
  • Use of Art and Music
  • Spontaneous creations

*Payment options on Contact Page

** See Communication With Intention, Inc. Section for more details about Corporate Services

***At this time, limited space is available for children.

More Questions I am often asked

  • “If I think I smell my dead mother’s perfume, do you think I’m crazy?” Answer: No.
  • “I sometimes know things ahead of when they happen. Is this weird? Answer: No.
  • “I heard my father speak to me and he has been dead for five years. Does this mean you think I need medication?” Answer: Not necessarily, let’s discuss further.
  • “I keep dreaming my teeth are falling. Why?” Answer: Probably we need to discuss that you probably haven’t asserted yourself enough lately in a situation where it would be beneficial to do so.
  • “Do you do dream work?” Answer: Yes
  • “Are there people you don’t work with?” Answer: Yes.

These are my books so far:

Staying Alive and Other poems

Listen, There are More Than Seven Dwarfs

More Time Ins, Not more Time Outs: Parent Without Bullying

Presently in production: Dying To Live: Love Stories – a memoir.

Steer it, life’s happening anyway.

For information regarding your Therapeutic or Executive Coaching needs, please email Dr. Becker at

Photo by Jaqueline H. Becker, Ph.D.