Being a Uniter Opinion Overcoming Divisive Thinking

United / Divided

Yes, there are racial divides in our country. Yes, there are socio-economic divides in our country. Yes, there are political divides in this country. Yes, there are moral divides in this country. Yes, there are ethnic divides in this country. Yes, there are gender divides in this country. Yes, there are tons of divides in this country. But divides are not just in this country (USA); there are divides everywhere. Divides are an inherent part of our lives; they are presented to us by divine design. Our choices regarding them tell our individual and collective story.

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Affairs of the Heart

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. —Helen Keller

Life is not easy. Children demand, spouses disappoint, friends test you, job realities shift, our bodies are vulnerable and our spirits can grow weary. But any challenge can be faced more easily when you realize all the challenges you meet, are your stepping stones to grow more conscious of your effect upon your world, our world.

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Mindful Made Simple

There was never any confusion about my dog’s and my desire to please each other. Both of us did whatever was necessary to create happy days. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we did displease each other from time to time and we each had our own particular ways of expressing that displeasure. She, Lucky, peed on the Oriental rug and sulked, and I, impulsively yelled at her, and at other times I iced her out for as long as I could bear it.

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Power vs Strength

We love to proudly point to our Corporate, Educational, and Political leaders as models of integrity, but for those who fail to demonstrate personal and procedural integrity in their disciples, the word leader is a sham. The word supervisor implies having a superior vision. I can hear the laughter of recognition from many of my clients who live, or have lived, through the experience of supervisors whose visions are, shall we say, not so superior. One of the reasons for the deficits of the many who find themselves in supervisory positions is that they mistake power for strength.